Copy and Paste, Macro, rearranges Device Connection Points / EPLAN Electric P8
ccheung 21. Jul. 2014, 08:13



Dear All,

Has anyone encountered this same problem?

I created a part (with black box and Device Connection Points). This part is in Parts Management with the correct Function Templates.

After I copy and paste the part, the Device Connection Points all get mixed up!

This happens to a lot of my devices, after I copy and paste, or insert Macro.
The connection points are different afterwards, it is rearranged, and mixed up.

This happens most when the Points are not in the same order as the Function Templates.

Please see attached picture.

Does anyone have a solution to this?

Christof G 21. Jul. 2014, 09:07

Hi ccheung

After choosing paste there comes a popup with the insert modus.
If you checked "number" there is a button with three points.
Press this button and uncheck device connection points for this scheme.


ccheung 21. Jul. 2014, 14:13

Hi Christof,

Thank you very much for the solution!!

I have made the change in Settings >> Project xxxx >> Devices >> Numbering (online).